Someone is stealing For Sale signs in Phoenix and no one knows why

I used to be a panty thief myself. I have probably stolen 30 or so pair in my lifetime. Now, this all occurred when I was a teen. Stashed them all in my closet or under my bed until I felt guilty enough or worried about discovery enough that I got.

So as many of you know, we currently have our home for sale. It’s actually been for sale for much longer than we had hoped, the housing market where we live is still pretty weak, as is evident by all the Signs For Real Estate in our development. Amid the waiting for the right buyer to come along, there has been a pretty humorous incident though.

How to Score a Bargain at a Foreclosure Auction Fortunately, there is one glimmer of good news. that interest into an actual sale can require some extreme measures. It’s not enough to show buyers your house is a deal: You have to convince them.

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Phoenix, Arizona-based desert ridge community Association has. realtor jeff Sibbach of Realty One Group's Sibbach Team is no stranger to dealing. “When they start stealing the signs, we have to start saying something, right?. for sales in the Desert Ridge Community, the second white frame is not.

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Make an iPhone case that no one else has. Can you get in trouble for stealing for sale signs? I didnt do it. But a few retards did it as a messed up prank. They have 23 for sale signs and stuck them in my front yard. they were dumb enough to put pictures on myspace about it so i have proof as well.. I feel like work experience is the.