Ruling adjusts homeowner rights after foreclosure

No. Some states-Michigan, for example-allow the homeowner a period of time to redeem (buy back) the property after the foreclosure sale. South Carolina has no such procedure. South Carolina follows the "hammer rule." Once the hammer falls at the foreclosure sale, the homeowner’s property rights are cut off forever.

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Additionally, florida foreclosure law requires the HOA to send the homeowner notice of their intent to foreclose on the lien. This notice must be sent at least 45 days prior to filing for a homeowners association foreclosure. The notice of intent to foreclosure the lien should be sent after the HOA files their lien for fees.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Post-Foreclosure Eviction Summary Process for Former Homeowners. Home / Get Legal Help / Housing Law Clinic / Mattapan Initiative / KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Post-Foreclosure Eviction Summary Process for Former homeowners.. post-foreclosure eviction Summary Process in Massachusetts.

When a lender postpones or cancels a foreclosure sale, notice will now have to be sent to a condominium or homeowners association which has recorded an assessment lien at least 30 days before the foreclosure sale date.

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 · The law basically says that whoever buys property at a mortgage foreclosure sale becomes liable for payment of HOA assessments beginning 10 days after the sale, whether or not a foreclosure deed is actually recorded. So in your case, a brief title search would reveal whether a foreclosure sale was held, and if so, the identity of the high bidder.

Harris contends that California’s laws pertaining to foreclosure, including the Homeowner Bill of Rights, are debt collection laws. And because debt collection isn’t covered by any federal law, including HOLA, which only regulates mortgage lending and loan servicing, the Homeowners Bill of Rights cannot possibly be preempted.

Tennessee Eviction Laws After Foreclosure. By: Tiffany Garden. Share; Share on Facebook; When a Tennessee homeowner loses his house in a foreclosure and the subsequent sheriff’s sale of the home, he is not immediately booted from the home. Instead the new owners, whether the lender or a private.

A bank’s attempt to sue a former homeowner after it obtained an assignment of a second trust. Rogers took judicial notice of the foreclosure documents, sustained Mitchell’s demurrer, and.

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