Is the foreclosure war over?

Re: foreclosure, the process depends if it is bank-owned or not. If bank-owned, closing can be as soon as 2-3 weeks. Helps if you are paying cash and not taking out a mortgage. Won the Bidding War! The House is mine.

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 · A foreclosure goes through a process before the property is actually sold. First, the lender must file a public notice with the county recorder’s office, most often referred to as a notice of default (NOD). In many cases, the lender is also required to post a.

3. At auction, you could get caught in a bidding war. One of the challenges of homebuying is to keep your emotions in check. That can be hard even under normal circumstances. Now add the pressure of a cash-only, "as is" foreclosure auction. Inexperienced buyers can quickly get in over their heads.

The foreclosure fraud war isn’t over, folks. For details, check out today’s post over at AboutFloridaLaw, it’s filled with links and law stuff. Labels: Deficiency Judgment , Florida Foreclosures , Florida Lawyer , Foreclosure , Foreclosure help , Homeowner’s Association , real estate attorney , title insurance

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The Boston Herald is asking a poignant question five years after the nation landed in financial distress: Is the foreclosure war over?. Writer Cornelius Chapman believes that it is.

Pre-foreclosure is the beginning stage of the foreclosure process. It is the period between the day that a public default notice is filed and the day of the foreclosure auction. It is the homeowner’s grace period in which he is able to reinstate his loan (without ruining his credit score).

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The Foreclosure Wars Are Over..And The Fascists Have Won..(surprised?) The announcement yesterday that Florida’s attorney general pam bondi has dropped the remaining investigations into the foreclosure mills , the (sewer) service of process companies and the (forged) document production factories provides a clear opportunity to state what.

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