Florida AG targets companies for preying on homeowners

Florida man files 1,000+ ADA lawsuits The Florida Republican has also taken his plan to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-N.Y.). “The Green Real Deal does not set targets for emissions reductions. Rebuilding is pricey, especially as.

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Florida Trend’s annual list of the biggest Florida-based companies, Stocks of Florida’s Top Public Companies.. according to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, "Our Consumer Protection Division is taking action against a shady roofing company scamming seniors and hurricane victims in Florida. We will not tolerate unscrupulous contractors preying on Floridians, especially our seniors and those trying to recover from hurricanes."

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Office of the Attorney general attorney general bill mccollum initiated an agency-wide Mortgage Fraud Task Force in 2007 to combat the pervasive mortgage fraud problem. Under the authority Chapter 501, Florida Statutes, the Office investigates companies suspected of preying on Florida consumers, files lawsuits, and shuts companies down, where

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Contractors who perform home improvement and repair services in Florida must. unlicensed contractors who prey on homeowners. Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill said residents should.

A civil complaint from Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office accuses Jacksonville roofer Roger Van Den Bosch’s Kinnecorps company of repeatedly not finishing repair work after being.

Attorneys general in those states are going after the lenders and mortgage servicing companies. by the Florida AG’s office. Yet, Ms. Bondi has been all but silent on foreclosures, except to say she.

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The Florida Relay Service provides communications. to swab their cheeks and mail back their completed testing kit with their personal information to these fraudulent companies for a complete lab analysis. Target:. Scammers are preying on a recent surge in consumer privacy concerns.

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Scam artists who prey. targets for fly-by-night fix-up crews that appear at their doorsteps promising to work cheaply and quickly.” Hill advised homeowners and consumers to do their homework to.

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